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Welcome to the custom designed art instruction course taught by internationally acclaimed nature artist Derek C Wicks. Power to Paint downloads and DVD's take the viewer on a " step - by - step" tour of Derek's process. Start with a blank canvas and learn the the tricks and techniques that have made Derek a household name in the international art world. Power to Paint videos take the viewer into the studio of the artist and allow them to view the process of high detail painting first hand. With enhanced overlay graphics and keen video editing, power to paint delivers the most comprehensive line of "how to" video's in the art instruction field. Download your videos now or have the DVD shipped to you, it is your choose! Here is the winning lineup:

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Power To Paint is proud to offer our 3 and free or 20% off discount packs. With the purchase of any three or more titles you will receive the fourth title 100% free! As an added bonus purchase 4 or more titles in the same single order and receive 20% off everything in your cart including giclée prints and gift certificates! So what does this mean in terms of cost? You save a minimum of $29.95 and the savings grows as the number of titles you buy increases! There is no limit to the amount of titles you can buy and the minimum is only 3 titles.To receive your free dvd or discount simply add four or more titles to your cart and the discount will be automatically applied on the final check out page. No discount codes or confusing gimmicks needed, the discount will automatically be applied to your cart! Take advantage of the discount today!
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Power To Paint is proud to offer 20% off any purchase of $150.00 or more. This offer allows our customers to mix and match DVD's, giclée prints or gift certificates and still take advantage of our 20% discount. Simply add any combination of DVD's, giclée prints or gift certificates to your cart in the same single order and a 20% discount will be added to your cart automatically on final checkout, no discount codes or confusing gimmicks needed, the discount will automatically be applied to your cart!
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What Painting Medium's Are Suitable?

The information on the art instruction dvd's and downloads are suitable for almost every medium! Instruction is demonstrated in acrylics and acrylic paint is the most suitable medium. Techniques can be applied to such mediums as oil paints ( drying time is the only concern), gouache or casein, watercolours and decorative paints such as Americana or Jo Sonja.
"As with my workshops I preach that one should choose a medium that is comfortable to them. Finding a palette of colour and medium, should be as unique to the artist as his/her own personality. Over the years I have changed from oil to acrylic and very little of my style has changed." Derek C Wicks.
Types Of Content

Three Types Of Content!

Each video is marked with one of three content markers so you can identify the content you are purchasing. The first content marker is "Start to Finish" which means that the video you are purchasing follows the actual creation of that painting in the artists studio. These videos are a complete log of Derek painting the original piece of art! The video will start with a blank canvas and follows every step the artist takes to finished artwork. The second content marker is a "Art Technique Instruction", these videos are a step by step instruction on how to create certain techniques and textures through demonstration by Derek. These videos are designed to help artist's refine a specific texture and are not a completed original work of art. The third and final content marker is the "Image-Content" marker. This marker is used on cd's containing reference images that artist's can use to create their own original works of art. These images are royalty and licence free content. All videos are available as an instant download that is available upon payment completion, no waiting for your content! You can also opt in for a CD copy to be shipped to you for an additional shipping cost. The CD shipped option also includes instant download!
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Purchase Options for download and DVD

Ok, you have made the decision to buy a video and want to know what options you have. Power to Paint gives you the speed and convenience of instant download and the option for a DVD hard copy to be shipped to you. Videos are available upon completion of payment and a email receipt is also sent to your provided email address with your personal download links. Power To Paint uses Paypal for its fast and secure online payment processing. Paypal offers instant, secure online processing without the merchant (that would be us) knowing your sensitive information like credit card numbers. Paypal has become the #1 international solution for secure online transactions. YOU DO NOT NEED a Paypal account to purchase and payment can be made by Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, E-Check, wire transfer and Paypal funds to pay for your purchace. Not a computer person or a little traditional? You can order straight from Derek & Wild Realms Publishing at (705) 835-5480 with your Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, money order or personal check (please call before sending funds). Power to Paint can not support users of AOL email service, more information for AOL users and detailed payment/download instructions are available by clicking here.