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Landscape Images Vol.1
Royalty Free Images For Artist's

This breath taking CD contains 70 gorgeous landscapes and nature settings for the artist who wants to paint dramatic settings. This disk is licence and royalty free.

Image Content CD
Image Count: 70 Images
Download size: 232 MB
Price: $46.00 US

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All Royalty Free Images CD for Artist's come with a html page image viewer to preview the content on the disk. The purchaser uses the exsisting broswer on their computer to browse through the image data base and then launches a High Resolution image using the corresponding image number.

Artist's Reference Images CD's Licence Agreement

- These images are for use as reference to create original art. Original art can be defined as any artwork produced through paint, pencil, designers colours, pastels, and any other form of media that will create a new original work of art.

- Images may be photo enlarged or copied for the use of reference in the creation of new original artwork.

- All artwork created from these photos by the purchasing artist of this Image Content CD is the property of the creating artist and is licence and royalty free with a receipt as proof of purchase. Your receipt is your licence to use the images contained.

- Images contained can not be reproduced as found on this cd in photographic form to be reproduced in a commercial use or in a "for profit" use. Additional licensing from Wild Realms Publishing and Derek C. Wicks is required.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I make a photo of the image to paint from?
A: Absolutely. You can make enlargements and copies to paint from. You may not reproduce the photo for the purpose of resale or profit.

Q: Can I reproduce the art I have made from the photo even if it is an exact likeness of the content photo?
A: Absolutely. All original art created by the purchasing artist is the property of that artist.

Q: Do I have to pay a royalty if i sell original art or reproductions created from the original art I created using the images as reference?
A: Not at all. Image Content CD's are licence and royalty free for all art created by you even if the original art is an exact likeness of the image used for reference.

Q: Will I ever have to pay royalties?
A: We only require an additional licensing agreement if you would like to use the image in its present photographic form for resale.