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"I happy to announce that power to paint is now the Derek C. Wicks Art Academy where creativity is the ultimate goal. Whether you are a beginner or well seasoned artist, my tutorials are designed to help you along your art journey. Through detailed art instruction showing you all my tricks, techniques and processes you will be inspired to learn, to create, and to compose your own masterpieces. Get full access to ALL my art lessons and many of the original Power To Paint "how to paint" DVD series all in one place 24 hrs a day! Click the link below to visit the new Art Academy and preview all the new lessons available!"- Derek C.Wicks

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What Does The Academy Have To Offer?

The most important question when considering an art academy is "Will I learn to be a more complete artist?". The answer should be ABSOLUTELY!

My academy is designed to teach you the knowledge I have developed from an education in Illustration and 35 years of experience as a full time artist. The videos are not only designed to show you all the tricks and techniques that I use, but to develop your art skills and confidence to the point you do not need me anymore. Visit the new site and watch the introduction trailer and to preview new art lessons!

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The Latest and Greatest Tutorials

Let's face it, what you really want to know is what content is available. Below are samples of the latest art lessons added to the art academy and a few of the most popular tutorials. All tutorials are the full creation of that original piece of artwork. Lessons can range from 2Hrs - 20+Hrs of video showing all techniques and tricks I use in the studio to produce my art. Each art instruction tutorial also comes with a line transfer drawing, colour template, reference photos, colour swatch to match colours too and a list of brushes used.
Click on one of the samples below to visit the new academy and view trailers on all my lessons!

Emerging Colour by Derek Wicks

Emerging Colour

This art lesson shows you how to create soft realistic snow and fur with lustre.

Evening Perambulation by Derek Wicks

Evening Perambulation

In this art tutorial we learn how to achieve the daunting task of painting multi-coloured fur. We will also learn how to use 'holding' through our shadows to create stability in our painting and to reinforce mood.

Perfect Perch by Derek Wicks

Perfect Perch

In this lesson we will learn to paint detailed birds, wood textures, grasses and how to defused backgrounds. Techniques include stippling, dry brush spattering and a quick demo of airbrush.

Morning On The Athabasca by Derek Wicks

Morning On The Athabasca

This four plus hour art instruction video shows you how to paint a serene landscape that is both glowing and flowing. Learn to paint sky's, mountains, rivers, rocks and tree-lines with simple techniques and applications.

Valley Of The Raven by Derek Wicks

Valley Of The Raven

Learn how to build your shape and form by breaking down the image into its simple forms and preparing the areas for detailing. This tutorial also demonstrates the use of airbrush, paper masks and softening techniques.

Kindred Nuzzle by Derek Wicks

Kindred Nuzzle

Learn how to compose a simple composition to have punch and interest. We will learn how to use changes in direction, texture and value to complete this painting. If you like soft and cuddly, this is your tutorial.

A Place In The Pines by Derek Wicks

A Place In The Pines

In this cute, cuddly art tutorial we will learn how to paint short fur that is both drenched in sunlight and falls in shadow.

Serenity's Rhythm by Derek Wicks

Serenity's Rhythm

Learn to paint translucent water, cascading water and reflective water in this art lesson.

Snow Gazer by Derek Wicks

Snow Gazer

Snow Gazer instructs on how to paint gradated backgrounds by hand, multi-colour bird feathers and soft billowing snow. Also learn how to create depth with minimal elements.

Water Textures by Derek Wicks

Water Textures

This tutorial is for beginner to learn the three major facets of water, translucent, cascading and reflective.

Common Loon by Derek Wicks

Common Loon

Painting black and white feather, fur, or textures can be difficult to make them look alive and vibrate with colour. In this art instruction lesson learn how to add life to black and white textures.

After The Rain by Derek Wicks

After The Rain

Learn to use vibrant colour to create a cheerful and serene piece of work. Learn to use value and reduction of hue to create depth in your painting. Bring it all together with 'punch' elements like water drops.

Sichuan Café by Derek Wicks

Sichuan Café

Learn how to create depth and lustre in white and black furs and how to paint detailed foliage.

King Of The Hill by Derek Wicks

King Of The Hill

Learn to paint the soft hair of a young wolf pup and add dramatic lighting in this art instruction video.

Rock And A Hard Place by Derek Wicks

Rock And A Hard Place

For this tutorial we will break out the sponges and learn how paint subtle texture to water and create that 'murky' look. We will also learn how to use such techniques as dry brush and glazes to add effects to our water.

Winter Filigree by Derek Wicks

Winter Filigree

In this tutorial learn how paint or breakdown complexed composition and create extensive detail with ease. Learn to vary textures and temperature to create a calming sunset to remember.

Each art lesson also includes...

Just as important as video or visual instruction is to the learning process, materials are an important part of the learning experience. Each tutorial has a line drawing and colour template for reference and transfer of image to board. Also provided is a list of colours used, brushes used and a colour swatch to help you match your base colours too. Everything you need to make your Derek C. Wicks Art Academy experience a special one.

Paint & Brushes

All paints and brushes used.

Colour Swatch

Match your base colours perfectly with the swatch.

Line Drawing

Downloadable line drawing.

Colour Template

For reference and drawing transfer.

Ready To Start Your Art Journey?

"Remember you get full access to ALL content on the Art Academy. Plus, downloadable templates, line drawings, materials and colour swatches to aid you in painting the tutorial. All lessons are designed to help you become a confident independent artist, join me today! - Derek C. Wicks

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