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learn to use colour - Vol.5

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Start To Finish Video / 61 Min. / Video Size: 640 x 480
Production Year 2009 / 4:3 Standard Screen

This is the 'must have' video for every artist regardless of genre. This video covers all your burning questions about colour and the application of colour. This video explores the basics of colour theory and its application, then uses live demonstration to show how it is used. Using original works of art Derek demonstrates elements such as colour schemes, colour balance and the use of warm and cool relationships. This video wraps up with a full fledged colour mixing demonstration by Derek in the studio. Learn how to isolate colour, choose correct paint to mix and how to make it all come together. Full chapter details and trailer video are available below.

Chapter Content

Chapter1: The Colour Wheel
This Full length Art Techniques DVD starts with dissecting the standard colour wheel. Colour theory begins with basic colour vocabulary and defines such terms as primary, secondary and tertiary colour. The chapter continues with explanations of tints, tones, shades, warm and cool colour's.
Chapter 2: What Is Colour
This chapter breaks down the three major attributes of colour: Hue, intensity and value. Through on screen exercises the viewer will learn how to establish hue, evaluate the hues intensity and finally how to determine the hues vales with the use of value scales. The importance of pure colour is also included in this chapter.
Chapter 3: Colour Schemes
With the knowledge of the first two chapters we now move on to the use of colour schemes. The viewer is introduced to different colour schemes and their visual properties. These schemes are then re-enforced by visual examples in both photography and in actual works of art by Derek. Through this chapter the viewer will learn how to use colour schemes and when it is appropriate to apply the individual colour schemes.
Chapter 4: Colour Relationships
How colour reacts to other colour's introduced into it's vicinity is crucial to the active artist. This chapter deals with how to see and to understand colour optics and how environment of the colour can drastically change its appearance. Once again on screen demo's illustrate the effects of colour relationship and how to use them to your advantage.
Chapter 5: Colour Mixing
This chapter begins with the introduction of Derek's studio palette and an explanation as to why he has these colour's in his palette. Explanation of warm and cool colour balance in a palette is explained and demonstrated. The viewer is then taken into the studio where Derek demonstrates first hand colour mixing and matching. Derek's tricks for accurate colour matching are revealed and demonstrated in this chapter. A internet link is provided inside for the download of files for the viewer to work along with Derek.
Bonus Materials
Both download and DVD versions include navigation enhancer with the "Key Point" marker to mark vital information points on the video. Link to online templates, teaching aids, colour charts, colour wheels and other DVD extra's for this title. The DVD version also includes: Full chapter menus for fast convenient navigation. Detailed Glossary of terms used on the video. One click play Slideshow of Derek's original art. Full artist's biography and photo gallery.