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Creating Rock Textures - Vol.10

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Art Techniques Video / 76 Min. / Video Size: 1280x720HD
Production Year 2012/ 16:9 HD Wide Screen

This video covers all your questions about how to create detailed rock textures. Watch the creation of rock right before your eyes as Derek demonstrates the painting of surface textures, smooth rocks and how to create clusters of rocks in a few simple strokes! Start by learning how to reduce your reference to basic shape, then mold your painting in to layer after layer of rock. All though this video is an 'Art Techniques' video it can also be classed as a 'Start To Finish' video as it starts with an blank canvas and shows all steps to completed painting. This is a full length art instruction video, complete chapter details and trailer video are available below.

Chapter Content

Chapter1: Blocking In Basic Shapes
This Full length Art Techniques DVD starts with creating the basic "local colour" of our artwork known as blocking in. Rocks, more then other textures, require a solid "blocking In' application. The definition of placement and colour are very important with this texture. Derek demonstrates how to apply layers of colour to create seamless edges and a clean crisp look to the board.
Chapter 2: Creating Rock Texture
This chapter continues the building of texture through the use of aids such as sponges and spattering. Learn the use of different sponges to create a broken up pattern on your board that will save you hours of time if you applied the texture by hand. Learn how to transform colour from one value to the other, but still create a sense of depth in your rock texture. This chapter demonstrates in depth Derek's technique for creating rock textures and patterns such as the use of sponges, toothbrushes and other tools of the trade to help create your detailed rock surfaces.
Chapter 3: Enhancing The Rock Texture
With our shape and form well on its way we now concentrate on refining our texture to create a more convincing rock surfaces. This chapter deals with how to take your basic texturing techniques and refine them into the detailed characteristics of the rock you are painting. Learn to bring your textures together to create fine detail in your surface and also how to soften off other areas. This chapter is designed to teach the viewer how to finish off a textured surface of a rock and make it 100% convincing!
Chapter 4: Painting Clusters of Rocks
Now that we know how to create individual rocks we must learn how to create clusters of rocks. This chapter is designed to show the viewer how to paint using negative space to create positive shape. The art instruction demonstrates how to break an area down and use layering to create multiple shape and forms. The key to making crisp clean original art is to create the image with the fewest strokes, this chapter shows you how to do it.
Chapter 5: Adding The Finishing Touch
The art instruction DVD finishes with how to add finishing touches such as lichens, raised areas, warming the painting and softening. The use of washes, drybrushing and transition strokes teach the viewer how to give their painting that final touch. For those who use airbrush, a demonstration of how to use your airbrush instead of using hand painted washes is given. (no airbrush is require, demonstration as an alternative to washes).
Bonus Materials
Both download and DVD versions include navigation enhancer with the "Key Point" marker to mark vital information points on the video. Link to online templates, teaching aids, and other DVD extra's for this title. The DVD version also includes: Full chapter menus for fast convenient navigation. Detailed Glossary of terms used on the video. One click play Slideshow of Derek's original art. Full artist's biography and photo gallery.