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Creating Snow Textures - Vol.7

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Art Techniques Video/ 63Min. / Video Size: 853x480
Production Year 2010 / 16:9 Wide Screen

This video is designed to show the viewer how to break snow down into its basic shapes. The creation of realistic snow textures really starts at the foundation stage and is a progression into high detail through texturing. Watch the creation of snow right before your eyes as Derek demonstrates the painting of multiple different snow textures such as smooth, rippled and jagged snow. In this volume you will also learn to alter snow depths, use warms and cools and create mood lighting in your snow. This video finishes with a chapter on how the snow was created in such paintings as 'Winter Sonata' and "Highly Enlightened Position'. This is a 'Art Techniques' video, but can be classed as a 'Start to Finish' as the video cover all stages from blank board to finish painting. Full chapter details and trailer video are available below.

Chapter Content

Chapter1: Blocking In
This Full length Art Techniques DVD starts with creating the basic "local colour" of our artwork known as blocking in. Derek mixes and paints in the basic colour of our project with colour mixtures listed. This chapter concentrates on the accurate production of our base colours and the placement of the base colours to create our initial shapes..
Chapter 2: Creating Form & Pattern
This chapter continues the building up process by refining our basic shapes into more defined forms. Derek demonstrates the need to establish our basic form by establishing our planes and plane changes. This stage is the beginning of pattern or texture creation in its basic elements. This chapter concentrates on the creation of form and the the importance of establishing accurate plane changes and colour interaction. Colour correction is also demonstrated in this chapter.
Chapter 3: Refining Pattern/Texture
With our shape and form well on its way we now concentrate on refining our snow textures. This chapter instructs the viewer on how to break up areas and create pattern or texture. Learn to use both a drybrush and stipple effect to create snow textures and how to soften snow using transition colours. Derek demonstrates the use of both drybrush and stippling with a strong emphasis on directional flow and brush grip pressure. This chapter shows the use of transition stokes and how to mix a transition colour.
Chapter 4: Painting The Tracks
This chapter concentrates on the creation of depth and form in the animal tracks. The use of accent colours and the application of value range demonstrate how to create depth. The use and need for "shadow highlights" are explained and demonstrated as we learn to play values and intensity off each other to create a greater sense of depth in our painting.
Chapter 5: Applying Washes/Glaze
Instruction continues with the application of washes and glazes to soften transitions. This chapter demonstrates the use of a very thin wash or glaze to create a reduced value range and create a "soft" look to snow. Washes are demonstrated using a paint brush with the promise of demonstrating airbrush a little later in the video. This Chapter explains that "softening" can be achieved with both paint brush and airbrush with very little difference. Viewer will not need an airbrush unless desired.
Chapter 6: Finishing Detail
In the studio, instruction wraps up with the application of the final detail. Viewers are guided in the use of hard and soft stippling and the use of a final drybrush stroke. The use of accent and "ping" colours are explained and demonstrated for the viewer. In this chapter Derek demonstrates the use of a AB Turbine airbrush to create washes instead of using a paint brush. This chapter concentrates of the use of developing strong light through the use of value range and the placement of final"'pinging". The use of final washes with a paint brush to down tone certain areas finishes off this chapter.
Chapter 7: Snow In Action
With the studio instruction under the viewers belt our focus turns to artwork analysis. Derek reviews several major paintings and explains the process used to create the snow textures found in the artworks. Analysis focuses on the techniques learned in the studio demonstration and their use in the artworks being analyzed. Artwork that is analyzed in this chapter include "Highly Enlightened Position", "Backlight Blues" and "Winter Sonata".
Bonus Materials
Both download and DVD versions include navigation enhancer with the "Key Point" marker to mark vital information points on the video. Link to online templates, teaching aids, and other DVD extra's for this title. The DVD version also includes: Full chapter menus for fast convenient navigation. Detailed Glossary of terms used on the video. One click play Slideshow of Derek's original art. Full artist's biography and photo gallery.