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painting water textures - Vol.9

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Art Techniques Video / 106 Min. / Video Size: 1280x720HD
Production Year 2011 / 16:9 Wide Screen

This DVD covers how to paint the three major facets of water, translucent water, reflective water and cascading water. Learn how to make your water have volume and form even thought it is an ever changing element. Learn how to create the effect of translucent water and create the depth of objects beneath the water surface with convincing detail! See the tricks used to create the splash and ripple of cascading water with simple techniques. Other techniques such as sea foam and refracted light are instructed in full detail in this art instruction video. Learn to create all the effects of realistic water with ease! This is a full length 'Art Techniques' video, complete chapter details and trailer video are available below.

Chapter Content

Chapter 1: Blocking In The Board
This Full length Art Techniques DVD starts with creating the basic "local colour" of our artwork known as blocking in. Derek mixes our base colours and lists the content of each colour. Colour mixtures also explain why Derek used the listed colours and what effect they have on the mixture. This chapter concentrates on the accurate production of our base colours and the placement of the base colours to create our initial shapes.
Chapter 2: Refining Shape & Form
This chapter continues the building up process by refining our basic shapes into more defined forms. Derek demonstrates the need to establish our basic shapes to help refine our form and structure. This stage is the beginning of pattern or texture creation in its basic elements. This chapter concentrates on the creation of form and the the importance of establishing accurate plane changes and colour interaction.
Chapter 3: Painting Reflective Water
With our shape and form well on its way we now concentrate on painting our reflective water. This chapter instructs the viewer on how to break up areas and create pattern or texture that will suggest flow of water. Learn to use both a drybrush and stipple effect to create water textures and how to soften edges using transition colours. Derek demonstrates the use of both drybrush and airbrush to get the same results. First areas are painted by hand and then Derek demonstrates how to get the very same effect with airbrush (no airbrush is required, demonstration is on how to get the same effect using either hand painted drybrush effect or with airbrush)
Chapter 4: Creating Foam Textures
One of the textures created by moving water is sea foam. In this chapter Derek shows how to create quick and convincing sea foam through the use of spattering and drybrushing. Learn how to create foam without the annoying use of painting masks or acetate overlay's. Derek demonstrates the step by step approach to creating texture in your sea foam that will leave the viewer convinced your foam is real!.
Chapter 5: Painting Cascading Water
This chapter concentrates on the creation of depth and form when painting cascading water. Learn how to create both depth and form in water that is rolling over or cascading. Learn the tricks to value change and use of accenting colours to create convincing, moving water. Chapter 5 deals with the creation of cascading water and how to create movement or action in the painting without over doing it.
Chapter 6: Refining Translucent Water
Creating translucent or see through water is a must for anyone who wants to paint water textures. Learn how to create the illusion of refracted light in your painting. Through the use of colour and temperate change the viewer will learn how to use colour theory to create the effect they desire. This chapter demonstrates how to create a translucent, shallow rock bed and how to break up the area to create convincing rock shapes and refracted light.
Chapter 7: Bringing It All Together
The art instruction raps up with final detail that includes how to paint receding shapes & colour and how to create bands of "reflective" water over the translucent areas. Final touches such as background sea foam and softening strokes are demonstrated in detail.
Bonus Materials
Both download and DVD versions include navigation enhancer with the "Key Point" marker to mark vital information points on the video. Link to online templates, teaching aids, and other DVD extra's for this title. The DVD version also includes: Full chapter menus for fast convenient navigation. Detailed Glossary of terms used on the video. One click play Slideshow of Derek's original art. Full artist's biography and photo gallery.