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AOL, Yahoo and Gmail Users

Power to Paint can not support users of AOL email services. AOL has the most ridiculous email filtering software that is unpredictable and inconsistent. AOL is known for incorrectly identifying email as 'spam' mail and blocking delivery to the end user. In light of this Power to Paint can not support users of AOL services or guarantee the delivery of your download receipt. We suggest you open a free Gmail or Yahoo account to purchase PTP videos and downloads. Yahoo and Gmail email services have marked PTP download receipt emails as 'spam' mail but both do not delete or block the emails they simply move them to the 'spam' box in your email window. Yahoo mail delivery is also very slow to the end user, emails can take up to one hour for Yahoo to forward the download receipt to your inbox.

How It Works

Power to Pant videos are instantly downloadable or available as a DVD disk. Videos are available for download immediately after checkout is complete via a personal download link that is emailed to you in a purchase/receipt email. The email will contain your personal download link(s), links to any templates or extra materials associated with your purchased title and help links. The link to download your purchased content is active for 72hrs (3days) for individual titles and 120hrs (5 day) for multiple titles. You will also have two download attempts for each title you purchase. Once the allotted time expires or you reach your 2 attempts (per title) the link becomes inactive. If you do not download all your titles in the allotted time contact Power To Paint via the contact email address found in your purchase receipt and your download time can be reset if your 2 download attempts have not been exceeded. If you purchased a download + DVD or +CD you will also have the physical disk shipped to the address provided at checkout (address associated with your Paypal account if paying by Paypal funds). Wild Realms Publishing warns that any misuse of the three download attemps will result in the severe prosecution of violators. The videos purchased my only be downloaded by the named purchaser in your receipt and are for their private use only. Any sharing of the download link or downloaded content will result in criminal and civil action without exception.

How to Pay For Your Purchases.

Once you have added all the titles you desire to the shopping cart click 'checkout'. You will then see a summary of the videos, cd or gift certificates you have added to your cart. At this point you can review your selections and remove any videos you do not want, then click the 'buy now' button. At this point you are directed to the final checkout page where you will see any discounts that apply to your purchase. All purchases with three or more titles in the shopping cart will have a 15% discount automatically subtracted from the total. If you have multiple titles in your cart you may have to scroll down to the bottom of the 'Your order summary' box to see the discount as it is the last thing listed. we use Paypal for our credit card processing, a Paypal account is not required. If you have a Paypal account the final checkout page should load with the 'Pay with my Paypal account' window open, enter your email and Paypal password and follow the instruction given to complete check out. if you do not have a Paypal account you can select the 'Don't have a Paypal account' link found at the lower middle of the 'choose a way to pay' window. At this point you can select the prefer payment credit card and follow the instruction to complete payment. YOU DO NOT NEED A PAYPAL ACCOUNT to complete a PTP purchase. Power To Paint/Paypal accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discovery Cards. Upon completion of payment an email is automatically emailed to you with your download links. No waiting for activation or processing, your videos are ready for download immediately

Download Help

Upon completion of payment an email will be sent to you with your download links. Each purchase has its own person download link. Simply click on the 'Your personal download link' found near the top of your receipt email and all your purchases will be listed. Below each purchase you will see a 'downlaod' button, click the button to start the download of the individual content. For Apple users the download starts automatically and the contents is stored in the 'downloads' folder. You can view your downloads progress by clicking the download icon found at the top right of the Safari or Firefox browser. For PC users a download window or download bar will appear depending on operating system. Your browsers will automatically want to downlaod your content to the 'downloads' folder. You can click the 'save' button and change where the content will be saved, we suggest staying with the 'downloads' folder or selecting the desktop. If you are not sure where your computer has stored your content you can search your computer for files starting with 'ptp'. All Power To Paint downloads start with the abbreviation ptp. For example the Botswana King video has a file name of 'ptp-botswana-king.mp3'. Be sure that the download is complete before stopping any download. Movie files must be completely download to open and play properly. If you have reached your maximum download attemps and still are not successful in downloading your video simply email us using the 'contact' link and we can reset your downloads. Not that we will only reset the downloads once so please read these instructions before attemping download.
You will need to have a media player that supports the mp4 video format installed on your computer to watch our videos. We suggest the Apple Quicktime Player or the VLC Media Player. These players can be downloaded for free at:
Apple Quicktime: https://apple.com/quicktime
VLC Media Player: https://www.videolan.org/vlc/

Gift Certificates

How does the Gift certificate work? It is easy and secure so only you and the intended gift certificate receiver can download their choices with the personal link generated. Simply add a gift certificate to your shopping cart and check out as normal. After checkout you will receive your confirmation email with your gift certificate and receipt number. Simply reply to the email, add the intended new recipients name and email address and that is it, the certificate/receipt number is active and in the receiver of the gift certificates name. You can print the certificate for the recipient or forward the email you receive from us, its that simply! Gift certificates have no expire date, so you can hold on to the gift certificate and/or email and forward it on a specific date in the future (birth date, christmas, etc.) without fear of expiry. Our software was a maximum of 365 days to keep a sale active so if the gift certificate is not used in 365 days simply email us with the receipt number when your ready to use and we will reactivate the receipt number for another 365 days. Again, there is no expiry date on gift certificate, they are good until they are used.

Transfer Video to iPad

First downlaod your purchased video(s) to your desktop/lap top computer. This is very important as your iPad will download the video to your pad, but adds the download to your web data file which is not accessable to you. This means that once you close the browser you were watching the video in you will not be able to access the downlaod again even though it is downloaded to your iPad. If you follow these instructions your download will be accessable as many times as you like. From the files downloaded to your desktop/lap top do the following:

1. Open iTunes, make sure your iPad is selected, then Under ‘File’ choose ‘Add to Library’.
2. In the ‘Add to Library’ window select the location of the downloaded video then click ‘Open’.
3. iTunes will import the video into the iTunes Library.
4. Click ‘Movies’ in the settings window to view the 'Sync Movies’ window.
5. You will now see your video(s) listed. Select the videos you would like to add to your iPad then click ‘Apply’. Your videos will be copied to your iPad.
6. Once the videos complete the transfer go to your iPad home screen and touch the ‘Videos’ icon to launch the video viewer. Touch the video you would like to view and the video will start automatically.