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Touch Of Gold - Vol.4

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Start To Finish Video / 44 Min. / Video Size: 640 x 480
Production Year 2008 / 4:3 Standard Screen

This video covers the more detailed side of defusing backgrounds to make the "out of focus" look and how to contrast that with sharp detail in the foreground. Instruction on this video uses dry brush technique to achieve defused effect without the use of airbrush. It also demonstrates detailed foliage painting showing how to break up your areas and create depth through colour and pattern. This video is suited more for the intermediate painter to the advanced painter, but can be achieved by novice painters with the instruction contained. Learn to create beautiful colour, pattern and realistic songbirds in this full length 'Start To Finish' video. Full chapter details trailer videofor this title are available below.

Chapter Content

Chapter1: Blocking In
This Full length "Start To Finish" DVD starts with the priming of the painting board with a base colour. The chapter then continues with the mixing of all base colour's needed with all mixtures listed on screen. The entire painting is then "blocked in" with the major shapes and form, concentrating on accurate vales and hues.
Chapter 2: The Background
This chapter instructs the viewer on how to achieve a "diffused" look or out of focus look without the use of airbrush. Through the use of a dry brush stroke and transition strokes the viewer learns to create a soft look. This chapter also deals with the use of warm and cool colour's and the use of "muting" colour.
Chapter 3: Rendering the Foliage
With the knowledge from the first two chapters under our belts we now move our attention to the detailing of the foliage. This chapter concentrates on negative painting, colour shifting, form creation, seamless edging and colour stepping. The viewer will learn how to use all of these techniques and to help create intricate detail.
Chapter 4: The Gold Finch
This is the "pay off" chapter were we detail the little American Gold Finch. In this chapter we learn to use warm and cool colour within the same hue to build up shape and form. The art of painting convincing shape and form within black area's is demonstrated. the viewer will learn how to hold the colour and use reflective colour to reinforce form. Painting a "living" eye is demonstrated and explains the need for reflective light and the use of ambient colour in the eye.
Chapter 5: Finishing Touches
This chapter begins with detailing the branch and the use of lighting and "banning" to create rounded forms. Final detailing through highlighting and shadowing is applied to finish of the painting. Derek touches on rim lighting, light source, shadowing and the use of "pinging" in this chapters.
Bonus Materials
Both download and DVD versions include navigation enhancer with the "Key Point" marker to mark vital information points on the video. Link to online templates, teaching aids, and other DVD extra's for this title. The DVD version also includes: Full chapter menus for fast convenient navigation. Detailed Glossary of terms used on the video. One click play Slideshow of Derek's original art. Full artist's biography and photo gallery.