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Valley Of The Raven - Vol.12

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Start To Finish Video / 106 Min. / Video Size: 1280x720HD
Production Year 2017/ 16:9 HD Wide Screen /

This video is for all those that would like to learn how to incorporate a little airbrushed effects into their hand painted areas. Valley Of The Raven is an art instruction video that teaches the viewer how to use warm and cool colour with high contrast to create mood and depth. Learn how to build your shape and form by breaking down the image into it's simple forms and preparing the areas for detailing. See Derek create the original work of art "Valley Of The Raven" in this full length start to finish art instructional video. Full chapter details and video trailer are available below. Airbrush is used in this video to create certain effects and enhance hand painted areas.

Chapter Content

Chapter1: Blocking In Basic Form
This Full length "Start To Finish" art instruction video begins with setting our base colour's and blocking in our major shapes and forms in the raven. All base colour's are listed and blocked in on screen with full instruction on on where to apply colour in this chapter.
Chapter 2: Softening Transition With Airbrush
This chapter demonstrates how to create a soft transition from one colour to the next using airbrush and the use of colour. You will learn how to create a 'rounding' look to the ravens body through the use of soft transition made with airbrush and how to use warm and cool colour to keep the surface rounding. Airbrush is used to create the smooth continuos texture of the ravens main body and then we learn how to break up the areas we have airbrushed.
Chapter 3: Painting The Eye
This chapter is short and sweet covering the realistic rendering of the eye. We learn how to use warm and cool play to create shape and then how to use reflected shapes to create a round look.
Chapter 4: Refining Form To Create Detail
This chapter concentrates of the breakup of the head and how to refine the feather pattern to start the illusion of detail. Instruction demonstrates how to lay simple line to create distinct feather structures in both the head and body and how to create a varying look from long narrow head feather to wider, broader body feathers. We will also learn to use value the create depth in our feather forms.
Chapter 5: Rendering Our Background
This chapter instructs on such techniques as drybrush, negative space painting and how to use airbrush to soften transitions. We start by learning how to make a graduated colour in your background and then break it up with negative space painting. The chapter then moves on to rendering the trees in our painting and how surrounding colour can effect colour hue and value. We then learn how to adjust for this and soften off colour transitions to down play a "harsh" look to the painting.
Chapter 6: Refining Back Feathers
With our shape and form well on its way we now concentrate on refining our texture to create a more convincing feather look. This chapter deals with how to take your raven to the next level by refining the transition of light and colour on its back. Learn to bring your textures together to create fine detail in your surface and also how to soften off transitions from warm to cool.. This chapter is designed to teach the viewer how to finish off our feather textures and make it 100% convincing!
Chapter 7: Painting The Beak
This chapter demonstrates how to vary subtle colours in the beak to create strong shape and form. The chapter then moves on to show how to combine the soft textures of the smooth beak and transist into the coarser hair of the ravens beak. The chapter then finishes up with applying detail such as dents, cracks and plain changes in the beak to create a realistic look.
Chapter 8: Finishing Touches
This chapter shows you how to bring it all together and how to soften off transitions and sharp edges. Viewer will also learn how to "ping" with light and how to push and pull final values. The video finishes up with a demonstration on how to add subtle detail to the raven.
Bonus Materials
Both download and DVD versions include navigation enhancer with the "Key Point" marker to mark vital information points on the video. Link to online templates, teaching aids, and other DVD extra's for this title. The DVD version also includes: Full chapter menus for fast convenient navigation. Detailed Glossary of terms used on the video. One click play Slideshow of Derek's original art. Full artist's biography and photo gallery.