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Wings Of Pride

Wings Of Pride - Vol.1

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Start To Finish Video / 81 Min. / Video Size: 640 x 480
Production Year 2006 / 4:3 Standard Screen

In this inaugural volume you will learn in depth to "block in" your colour and set correct values establishing the foundation for your painting. Instruction continues with a step by step of such textures as feathers, clouds, mountains, wood textures and much more. This video covers such techniques as transition colour's, dry brush or scubbling, masking, use of warm and cool colour play and object placement. Learn how to build your shape and form by breaking down the image into it's simple forms and preparing the areas for detailing. See Derek create the original work of art "Wings Of Pride" in this full length start to finish art instructional video. Full chapter details and video trailer are available below.

Chapter Content

Chapter1: Blocking In
This Full length "Star To Finish" DVD starts with the simple process known as "blocking In'. The viewer will learn to break down the painting into basic shape and form and block in their base colour's. With this being the first video in the series more time is spent in this opening chapter showing the viewer a proper blocking in process.
Chapter 2: Setting Value & Form
The second chapter starts with the break down process of the larger shapes and works on building strong shape and form. Through colour, temperature and tonal change shape and form are built and the structure of the eagle is established. All area's of the painting are addressed and worked on in this chapter.
Chapter 3: The Mountain
Attention turns to the building of the mountain and its detail in this chapter. Further instruction on shape break down and detail creation are demonstrated. Other techniques covered in this chapter are value scaling, edge definition, misting, subtle colour changes and the use of masking.
Chapter 4: The Tree-line
The ability to make subtle detail is imperative to the creation of space and value. In this chapter we learn how to use colour and texture to create the valley or tree-line. This chapter also teaches how to break up edges and soften transitions. The use of spot colour is introduced and demonstrated. The chapter concludes with the use of over painting and creating effective contrast without upsetting value harmony in the painting.
Chapter 5: The Sky
In this chapter the viewer will learn how to "dry brush" or use a broken stroke to create soft but textured edges. This chapter emphasizes the use of your paint brush to achieve the desire effect or texture. The use of airbrush is also demonstrated in this chapter, an airbrush is not required. Chapter also contains demonstrations of how to create low line clouds that cover or shroud the mountain.
Chapter 6: Detailing the Tree
This chapter demonstrates how to separate your foreground tree from the background and create depth with the use of contrast and texture. Techniques in this chapter include how to create convincing bark texture, moss's & lichens and random branches. The use of seamless painting and negative painting are also demonstrated.
Chapter 7: Detailing the Eagle
This chapter will teach the viewer the art of subtle value and colour changes to create soft detail. Learn to create convincing and accurate feather patterns and how to achieve volume within the wings. The viewer will also learn how to work back into the painting and create variety in edges and individual feathers. This chapter finishes with how to paint the beak of the eagle..
Chapter 8: Finishing Detail
This chapter shows you how to bring the painting together and add in some final detail and incorporate "ping" lighting. The addition of the background eagle is applied and demonstrates how to "fade" it into the distance..
Bonus Materials
This DVD video also includes: Full chapter menus for fast convenient navigation. Detailed Glossary of terms used on the video. One click play Slideshow of Derek's original art. Full artist's biography and photo gallery. Both download and DVD versions include navigation enhancer with the "Key Point" marker to mark vital information points on the DVD. Link to online templates, colour charts, colour wheels and other DVD extra's.